Anna Rosholt

ANNA ROSHOLT is a contemporary jewellery designer and manufacturer working in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BA Fine Arts: Creative Jewellery and Metal Design, before going to London to study Diamond Grading at the Gemological Institute of America. 

"The Beetle collection was inspired by the African Dung Beetle, a Scarab Beetle. Scarabs are members of a worldwide family of tenacious, strong and beautiful beetles, some of which can move objects over a thousand times their own weight

The ancient Egyptians were captivated by Scarabs, wearing them as amulets for protection and worshipping a Scarab headed sun god, Khepri. They believed that at the end of every day the sun would enter the ground and travel from East to West, undergoing a mysterious metamorphosis. The next morning it would rise, transformed and rejuvenated. 

Similarly the Scarab would enter the earth at nightfall, with his dungball, and reappear transformed and rejuvenated the next day."