I SPEAK GAYLE is a uniquely Capetonian Brand celebrating the kinks, quirk and humour that makes our everyday life in South Africa frighteningly inconsistent & strangely addictive.

Inspired by Gayle language of South Africa's Queens of the 60's, whose use of women's names to describe the everyday mundane we thought too grand a dictionary not to wear and share. All garments are made from locally sourced fabric and made in Cape Town. 

We aim to splash a little loop into the wardrobes of dames and danes on an average Tuesday - because Darling, you never know, you might need a 'Dora' by the time the noon gun strikes and there aint no time to be feeling 'Hilda'. 

I speak Gayle is a celebration of color, pattern, imperfection, but more than anything else, that fabulous African ability to laughYou know that if you loose that humor darling you're bound to go 'Mildred.'