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Premium Limited Edition African Artisanal Products

Limited Edition Products from Africa 


Artisans in Africa.
A curated collection of premium African design.

The work coming out of Africa is influencing global design trends across all disciplines. Artisans In Africa curates exclusive, limited collections of artisanal craft from across the African continent, highlighting the remarkable stories behind the artisans themselves.

Our artisans are selected based on the aesthetic impact of their range, the quality and craft within their products, as well as their desire to give back to the African continent. 

Read our story.

One Artisan's Story

Sithaidi is a Xhosa bead artist who lives on the banks of the Qora River in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Born with polio, Sithaidi's extraordinary story has taken her from hardship to triumph in her journey to leading a cooperative of Xhosa women selling exquisite bead accessories to visitors in the area. 

Watch Thaidi's story below. Shop Thaidi's product here.


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